Epidemiology of Public Health

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Primary care Epidemiology can add to more extensive changes in health and health care facilities, through better comprehension of disease etiology, use of health care services and the role of different health care interventions. Primary care is conveyed by an extensive series of health professionals, nurses, doctors, care assistants, mental health specialists, dietitian, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists and other health care specialists. Emerging Infectious diseases are a proceeding danger everyone. Some diseases have been viably controlled with the help of modern technology.Yet new diseases—such as SARS and West Nile virus infection are constantly appearing. Others, such as malaria, tuberculosis, and bacterial pneumonia, are now appearing in forms that are resistant to drug treatments. Age-related physiological impairment and disease are known to be subject to environmental influences, and there is increasing evidence that they have a significant genetic component.

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